Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Christmas 2013

Opening presents Christmas morning!

Mom and Dad

Nate got himself this big present.  Golf clubs. 

Grandma made me this quilt.  I love it!

Nate had a job over Christmas break to feed these chickens...I think everyone really enjoyed it!

Especially these boys...

...see? :)
Ginny or "Jimmie"

Matt and Elise Shipley had their wedding reception as well and we were able to go and see some good friends there!
James dressed up as Vader and sang "Mr. Anakin Guy"

Alan loved playing games

Lucy is a little cutie

Grandma and Lucy

Lucy after church
While we were home we also got to go to Nate's Court of Honor for his Eagle Scout award...it was great!  Awesome job Nate! James got a little excited and decided he wanted some cake before we started :)

Lucy and I

Nate and Ben

Nate and Dad

Nate and Mom

James always has a face for the camera!

Grandma Foulk

Here comes the photoshoot... 

Alan had to join!

"You talkin' to me?"

Happy guy

Silly Faces

Love these guys!!


 On New Year's Eve, Alan, James, Evan, and I got to make some Star Wars cookies...they were a hit!


James also enjoyed the chocolate fountain that we had..."What is happening?"

Ginny and I taking some glamour shots while shoveling snow

I love the trees!!!!

Kate left for her mission in the middle of January.  She is doing great now and I love reading her emails!  Sister McCallum is a great missionary!

I also got to go out to lunch with Olivia and Thomas at Tarentella.  Of course, it was delicious.

Ginny being glamourous with her Alania scarf. :)

I loved seeing everyone at Christmas time and it is always good to go home.  I am excited to be home for the summer to enjoy New Jersey and some good...hot weather!

Fall 2013

Yes, it's a surprise...I'm doing my every-4-months blog post.  Actually, sometimes it's more than four haha.  Anyway...here we go.  These pictures will be random, but still fun.  :)

This is at the service retreat I went to at the beginning of the semester.  I had to climb this 40ft pole and jump off the top.  I had a harness on and everything, but I kind of felt like Mulan ;)

Adopt A Grandparent Group

Me on top of the "power pole"

All of our Service Activities group

Jimmie looks so little here!  This was at Thanksgiving at Stephanie's house.

Meeting baby Karsten who is DEFINITELY looking a lot older now! 

My AWESOME Relief Society...I love these women!

Last day of church with my roommates!

Whitney, Steph, Jinnie, Julie, and Me

Steph, Jinnie, Maddie, Austin, Joanna, Me, Whitney


Bowling with friends

Brigham and some friends got to come up from Utah and somehow we got in an ice cream sundae fight...this was after cleaning up a little bit haha!

Tyler Reese came up to visit too!



At one point in fall semester it got super cold and dark for about a week.  That week on Friday we all decided to buy some plants to bring life into our apartment haha

BYU football game!  It was my first one at Lavell Edwards Stadium! I loved it!

Whitney and I at the game

Whitney and I almost always have to take a picture twice...always.  I can't find the good picture of this one haha

The story behind this bird:  I was laying in bed and it was snowing outside.  Since I am on the bottom level of my complex, it is half underground and half not.  My window is ground level.  I sat up from my nap and saw this bird outside and I didn't want to see it so I asked my adventurous roommates to go move it somewhere else.  They moved it in my room...

BYU game

I didn't want to walk to the bowling alley and Austin didn't want to drive...he compromised without my consent haha

Temple day with my roommates

Whitney and I

Whitney and I

And again haha

Jinnie enjoying the horses haha

This was driving back from Utah on our last trip down and back!

Whitney, Steph, and I also got to go to the paint fight here in Rexburg, which was super fun!  I don't think I would go again, but it was a good thing to do and have fun with :)

Last night before we left

This was way back on my birthday when my roommates threw me a surprise party

Also at the birthday party.  

It was an awesome semester last semester filled with fun!  I really miss it.  Jinnie, Steph, Whitney, and I really did become the best of friends.  I am excited that Steph and Jinnie are from VA so I will have the chance of seeing them more than not even though the semester is over.  Jinnie, Steph, and I will all be there after this current semester and all summer.  I'm looking forward to it!